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SwissMountain – The King of Mineral Waters, originates at the village of “Bad Knutwil” in Switzerland’s Alpine foothills (“Bad” meaning “Bath or SPA” in German language). Millions of years ago, this area was actually a glacier which over time transformed into a natural filter of rock and clay layers. Over the next thousands of years, the SwissMountain source emerged and was finally discovered in 1461.


At that time, spa guests would drink the water against various illnesses or lie down in wooden “sweat baths” (today called saunas).

Until 1947

The “mud” of the SwissMountain source was still used in the “Hospital of Lucerne” (a main city in the region) for treatments and curing rheumatic diseases.


From the 18th century until 1926, a lively ‘cure and spa’ business existed in the large hotel and park complexes there.

1986 – today

In recent times, SwissMountain, is the only mineral water bottled at source in central Switzerland.

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Corporate stuff

SwissMountain – is totally SWISS.

SwissMountain mineral water stands for confidence, premium quality, naturalness, freshness, purity, elegance and reliability – a classic and very traditional product.

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Giving Back


The protection of nature and of future generations is at the heart of our daily concerns.

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SwissMountain is available in selected key markets around the world.

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