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SwissMountain is made available in selected markets around the world.

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    Corporate stuff

    SwissMountain is bottled in partnership with COOP, a major Swiss retail and food cooperative.

    Our mission is to provide a mineral water of exceptional quality and protecting consumer health through value-added, non-sugar beverages like SwissMountain Lemon and Orange Fresh.

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    Certified Quality

    Our high quality is IFS certified

    ProCert Safety AG certifies that SwissMountain/Pearlwater ranks at “high level” of the International Food Standard (IFS) in the production of mineral water and soft drinks.

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    Giving Back


    The protection of nature and of future generations is at the heart of our daily concerns.

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    Where to Buy

    SwissMountain is available in selected markets around the world.

    Qualified importers/distributors may please use the Contact Form, or write
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