Swiss mineral Water
Our Water Tastes Great!

The King of Mineral Waters
simply tastes Great!

In fact, at first taste of our natural mineral water (blue label) you may note a clean, smooth & light consistency with no aftertaste – leaving your palate refreshed and your body hydrated.

In fact, most people enjoy it at room temperature but it is also
very pleasant cold or chilled.

SwissMountain is not only recommended as a daily beverage at home, office or during exercise, it may safely be used to prepare baby or infant food.

Also, by using the highest quality PET and glass bottle, we ensure that our water tastes the same as if you were drinking it “fresh at the source”.

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Corporate stuff

SwissMountain – is totally SWISS.

SwissMountain mineral water stands for confidence, premium quality, naturalness, freshness, purity, elegance and reliability – a classic and very traditional product.

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Giving Back


The protection of nature and of future generations is at the heart of our daily concerns.

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Where to Buy

SwissMountain is available in selected key markets around the world.

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