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Yes, water is essential to your good health. Actually, 60-70 % of our body is water and most of it will come from what you drink and eat. Knowing that an average adult loses about 2.5 liters of water each day (in normal conditions), you must replace these liquids and minerals in order to stay properly hydrated and healthy.

…and what better drink than Natural Mineral Water to do so?
Naturally filtered and preserved (without the use of any purification systems or chemicals)

Health & Pleasure

SwissMountain is all about “Health & Pleasure” for us; the positive social experiences are inseparable from good health.

SwissMountain for everyday

SwissMountain is suitable for a low sodium diet. Through its balanced mineralization, it is a perfect all-day thirst quencher. Before breakfast, during breaks, or to accompany a meal, it is a genuine all-rounder.

After mental or physical activity it has a revitalising effect, and the ideal mix of minerals helps the body to recover.

Note: We do not recommend SwissMountain for babies (due to sulphate level)

Swiss Water
Mineral Composition per mg/litre SwissMountain
pH (at 25°C) 7.2
Calcium Ca 259 mg/l
Magnesium Mg 40 mg/l
Sodium Na 3.8 mg/l
Potassium kalium 2.1 mg/l
Silicic Acid H2SIO3 7.1 mg/l
Bicarbonate HCO3 241 mg/l
Chloride Cl 3.0 mg/l
Sulfates SO4 507 mg/l
Fluoride F 0.03 mg/l
Nitrate NO3 <0.1 mg/l
Uranium U 0.0017 mg/l
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 1122 mg/l

Based on analysis of the accredited testing laboratories ‘Labor Veritas’ in Zurich.

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Minerals in SwissMountain Products

Our bodies cannot produce all of the minerals we need by themselves. SwissMountain mineral water can help to provide your body with these minerals and trace elements. Find out more about the minerals in our products

Calcium (Ca++) is required for maintaining healthy bones and teeth and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Magnesium helps the nervous system and muscular system to function normally by supporting the stimulation of nerves and muscles.

Sulfates (SO4) stimulates digestion and improves the density of hair.

Hydrocarbonate (HCO3) contributes to a normal acid-base homeostasis and can minimize heartburn.

Fluoride inhibits tooth decay and helps with normal enamel formation. It is especially important for growing teeth and can only be found in very few foodstuffs, e.g. as a salt additive.

Silica is a compound of oxygen and silicon. It improves bone density, supports the development of connective tissue and helps to strengthen the skin, hair and nails.

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Corporate stuff

SwissMountain is bottled in partnership with COOP, a major Swiss retail and food cooperative.

Our mission is to provide a mineral water of exceptional quality and protecting consumer health through value-added, non-sugar beverages like SwissMountain Lemon and Orange Fresh.

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Certified Quality

Our high quality is IFS certified

ProCert Safety AG certifies that SwissMountain/Pearlwater ranks at “high level” of the International Food Standard (IFS) in the production of mineral water and soft drinks.

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Giving Back


The protection of nature and of future generations is at the heart of our daily concerns.

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Where to Buy

SwissMountain is available in selected markets around the world.

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