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Natural Mineral Water

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Natural Artesian Spring

The SwissMountain source is located in “Knutwil”. A sparsely populated village protected by the Alps in Central Switzerland.

Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the surface, SwissMountain water lies under layers of former glacier rocks which create a natural filter protecting it from any pollutants. 

The extraordinary SwissMountain purity was already used in the 15th century as a cure for its beneficial combination of minerals. Now, more than ever, a soothing refreshment for your mind, body, and soul!

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Our Water

From snow & through
Glacier Rocks-directly to you.

Our products

SwissMountain Mineral Water is untouched by man
until you unscrew the cap!

Swiss Mountain water natural filtered

Naturally filtered
and preserved

Neutrally balanced pH: 7.3
Unspoiled Source: Nitrates <0.01 mg/L
Balanced Mineralization: TDS 54 mg/L

natural occuring electrolytes

Naturally occuring
Electrolytes (mg/L)

Calcium: 8.8
Magnesium: 2.4
Bicarbonates: 38.4
Potassium: 0.14

The “Knutwil” source for a healthy
lifestyle since the 15th Century.

Where does
SwissMountain Originate ?

The “Knutwil”
cure & SPA in 1461

Today’s park at source

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Corporate stuff

SwissMountain – is totally SWISS.

SwissMountain mineral water stands for confidence, premium quality, naturalness, freshness, purity, elegance and reliability – a classic and very traditional product.

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Giving Back


The protection of nature and of future generations is at the heart of our daily concerns.

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Where to Buy

SwissMountain is available in selected key markets around the world.

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