my water is
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My Choice is Red

The unique origin that dates back thousands of years ago, during one of our planets ice ages, laid the foundation of the SwissMountain spring.
Its natural filters that now provide its safe & healthy balanced mineralization; free of any harmful agents (such as nitrates) is now available to drink anywhere, anytime.

The Natural or Still water red label is suitable for every occasion:
at home, during exercise, travel, office or meals; you can also safely prepare infant or baby food.

Available in our Eco-Pack* PET bottles for your convenience:

1500 ml
1000 ml
500 ml

and in an elegant 750 ml glass bottle.

How it's made?
It's bottled right next to our source - 100 % Natural and untouched by man until you unscrew the cap.

* Eco-pack PET bottles - refers to our recyclable bottles and sustainability efforts to protect our nature and future generations.