my water is
my choice

My Choice is Blue

The lightly sparkling or blue label is a natural and healthy alternative to soda's.

On the way, during meals or to mix with cocktails; you will love it for its "light fizz" (allowing a very tasteful experience).

Available in our Eco-Pack* PET bottles for your convenience:

1500 ml
1000 ml
500 ml

and in an elegant 750 ml glass bottle.

How it's made?
SwissMountain's carbonated water is made with exactly the same water as our "Natural Mineral Water" (red label) and bottled right next to our source.
The only difference comes when the bottle is opened; the added pressure (during bottling) is released, allowing the "fizz" to come out of the water, thus forming the characteristic bubbles.

* Eco-pack PET bottles - refers to our recyclable bottles and sustainability efforts to protect our nature and future generations.